We chose to design a gaming site where people can meet.

Age range? Live alone?
40–50. Lives alone.

Access to internet?

What do you usually do for fun?
Painting and 3D printing.

What kind of games do you like?
Story driven games; WoW, Final Fantasy. Poker.

How long does that kind of an activity take you?
An hour.

When you are in group activities, how many people (do you like big groups or small groups — ballpark the amount)?
Depends on the game — at a ball game his group buys out the whole section. For a game of poker, a small group is preferable.

What makes you come back…

What type of design and art (analogue or digital, traditional or new media, doesn’t matter!) are you most interested in?

I tend to gravitate towards art with pinks, purples, pastels, landscapes, and urban architecture.

One of my favorite artists Ronald Kuang / @ seerlight combines architecture and anime to create fantastical illustrations and live wallpapers.

How are art and design related?

Design falls under one of the many facets of art as a whole. Making art for art’s sake doesn’t need a reason behind it; artists can express themselves with imagination, creativity, and ideas — whereas design takes these same concepts and uses them innovatively. To design is to problem solve by using art as a means of communication. Fine art in all mediums can have a message, but a designer’s primary goal is to clearly convey that message to make the user’s life easier.

Seema Bipat

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